The Benefits EV SSLs can Bring to Websites with URL HTTPs

Any experienced webmaster or Internet marketing specialist knows that web marketing success lies with website conversion rate.  Conversion rate is important for those who want to improve their Internet presence and also, their profitability. This seemingly simple factor is important for those who want to establish a business setting where clients and customers can rely on with regards to finding products or services that can suit their needs.

Having a HTTPs URL can help gain trust with your website visitors.  An effective and efficient way to achieve a higher conversion rate is with the use of best EV SSL certificates, which make https URLs possible. Read on and found out how.

What are EV SSL Certificates?

EV SSLs are Extended Validation Secure Sockets Layer certificates that are the latest generation SSL Certificates that give utmost and unwavering protection against phishing. Phishing is a deceptive method of trying to attain important data like usernames, passwords, and credit card details, among others by disguising as a reputable entity in emails, chats, and other forms of electronic communication.

In general, EV SSL certificates work compatibly with web browsers like Internet explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. So visitors to websites or URL HTTPs with EV SSL certificates will easily notice a Green Address Bar. These certificates somewhat exemplify a new business standard for Internet marketer identify verification. EV SSLs can be beneficial for those who wants to be ahead of competition by effectively and efficiently improving the trustworthiness of websites. In the long run, this can play a key role in the increase of visitors, higher conversion rates, as well as increased revenue.

The benefits that are mentioned above are possible because Best SSL Certificates give potential clients and customers more confidence since they are communicating with a trusted and reputable web site where their essential information is made secure. This is because the Certificate Authority (CA) utilizes a rigorous and audited authentication to determine the validity of websites. Also, specially designed browsers control the display and give utmost protection against counterfeiters and phishers that want to ruin reputable URL HTTPs and steal necessary information from customers.

On the other hand, there are other ways for potential clients and customers to know the reputability of the websites that they visit by remembering a couple of things. Among them are explained below.
How to know URL HTTPs are secure with EV SSLs

  • URL HTTPs – In general, when browsing or surfing the Internet, the URL starts with “http.” However, it should be noted that secure connections always begin with “https.” These features should always be checked to make sure that the websites visited are secure.
  • “Lock” icon – Web browsers usually have a “lock” icon that is located within their windows, but not in the page area itself. For instance, Microsoft Explorer places this icon in the lower right of the window.
  • This icon can be easily noticed since it is a small but obvious image. This icon can be clicked to view and analyze the security details URL HTTPs. This is essential because a number of deceitful Internet sites have built-in bars below the web pages to duplicate the icon on ordinary browsers. With this in mind, it is important to always analyze the functionality of this icon.
  • High visibility – Reputable online marketers always feature their website seals. They want potential clients and customers to know every possible effort to make their web sites safe for online shoppers. As such, the seal of URL HTTPs are placed in locations where website visitors can notice them.
  • Difficult to counterfeit – Site seals should be specifically designed in such a way that it will be difficult for identity thieves and scammers to counterfeit. These seals should come with dates and times fixed on them.
  • Verification function – Site seals should also carry verification functions that can be activated by clicking on the seal or by simply hovering the mouse over them. This function should also present detailed and genuine information about the websites that are visited.

How to Get a URL with https with EV SSLs

Webmasters or Internet marketing specialists who want to Buy EV SSL certificate for their web site have a lot of choices.  GoDaddy, Verisign, and GeoTrust are the main choices.  You can save money by using coupons.  Click here for GoDaddy SSL coupon codes, this site for Verisign SSL certificate coupons, and here for GeoTrust SSL discount coupons.

Network Solutions,, and Comodo also have EV SSLs certificates also have SSLs to improve overall security features, conversion rates, and profitability of their websites with URL HTTPs. 


In the end, it can be said that improving the security features of websites is important for webmasters or web marketing specialists who want to utilize the functionality and the marketing potential of their websites. While taking precautionary measures like the ones that are explained in this article can be beneficial in many ways, the ability to easily recognize secure web connections and reputable URL HTTPs is important. This is because online fraud cases and online theft incidents have significantly improved over the years.

Because of the aforementioned factors, it can be said that utilizing extended validation SSL certificates is important for those who want to improve their Internet marketability and increase their profits. While acquiring these protocols may translate to additional expenses, it should be remembered that they are important investments that are definitely worth one’s time and effort. This is because the return of investment can be very huge, especially in the long run. Therefore, webmasters and Internet marketing specialists who want to attain the benefits that are explained in this article should employ EV SSLs in their URL HTTPs to ensure optimum security and maximize profits.

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