Setting Up Https on WordPress Website

Setting Up Https on WordPress Website

After installing and activating your SSL Certificate on your WordPress site, you need to manage your URLs to use the HTTPS protocol. Setting up HTTPS on WordPress website will ensure that all your website visitors will access your site using the HTTPS protocol, which is the protected access to your site.

You need to set your WordPress links to be accessed using https:// links as well as force all of the links inside your website to be accessed via the HTTPS protocol to ensure not only your homepage is protected with SSL Certificate but your entire website as well.

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Setting Up Your WordPress Site with HTTPS Protocol

There are 2 steps in ensuring that your WordPress site is accessed by HTTPS links. The first one is to implement the HTTPS protocol on your WordPress Address and the second one is forcing all of the links inside your website to redirect to the HTTPS protocol.

Make sure that you follow these two procedures to ensure that every link inside your site is protected:

  • Adjusting your WordPress Address

To adjust your WordPress address to set up HTTPS on your WordPress site, you need to first log in on your WordPress dashboard. Then, go to the ‘General’ tab under ‘Settings’ and look for the ‘Wordpress Address URL’ and ‘Website Address’ fields.

You just need to edit the addresses from ‘’ to ‘’. Then, click ‘Save’ and that’s it. You just need to redirect your links to the HTTPS protocol to ensure that your entire WordPress site is secured. And to do that, follow the instruction below.

  • Forcing all links to redirect to HTTPS protocol

To set up HTTPS on your entire WordPress site, you need to force all of the links to use the HTTPS protocol. Doing this manually is not recommended, though, since manually editing the entire redirect structure can result in your website crashing down due to incorrect redirection, which will likely happen when you try to do this by hand.

To make things simple, just download the WordPress HTTPS (SSL) Plugin. Activate it and open the plugin to configure the settings.

Input your secured website URL, which uses the HTTPS protocol on the ‘SSL Host’ field. Then, on the ‘Secure Filters’ field, just type a single slash or ‘/’. This will ensure that every link that is under your WordPress address will use the HTTPS protocol, which ensures that these pages are safe.

When setting up HTTPS on WordPress website, you may still find some HTTP links, which are not yet secured. It would be best to use online tools to help you find these links so that you can force them to use the secured protocol. This will ensure that the address bar will show the padlock when your site is being browsed. You can use for this.

Also, make sure that you use a trusted certificate authority in purchasing your SSL Certificates. This will keep you from having problems when installing, activating and setting up your certificates. GoDaddy and Symantec are certificate authorities worth checking out so visit their page when looking for a good SSL cert for your WordPress site.

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