What Does a HTTPS in the Browser Bar Mean?

What Does a HTTPS in the Browser Bar Mean?

What does a HTTPS in the browser bar mean? Many Internet users, who are not familiar with SSL Certificates, are often asking this question. Because most web browsers are used in HTTP, they are getting confused with HTTPS because they are unsure about the purpose of the added letter on the HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol).

HTTPS means that the website is protected with an SSL Certificate. SSL or Secure Socket Layer is a technology that secures the connection of a website so that hackers and malicious entities won’t be able to intercept with the transfer of files from a web user to the website and vice versa. HTTPS means Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer, which obviously indicates that the website is being protected with an SSL Certificate.

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Website Security over SSL Certificate

How does a SSL Certificate keep a website secure? Some people are familiar with SSL Certificates but they are unsure on how these certificates protect a website. That is why many people are still asking the question above. Below is a brief explanation on how SSL Certificates work.

  • How this Technology Works

An SSL Certificate encrypts the data that is being transferred from a user to a website and vice versa. Because of the encryption of data, third parties won’t be able to read the data, such as personal information, credit card numbers and payment info, which makes the transactions on a website secure.

An SSL Certificate will be issued on a specific domain name that the owner has applied for. The domain name proprietorship and business ownership will be verified by the certificate authority to ensure that the client is the legitimate owner of the website. After the verification process, the certificate is released and it is used by the website owner to protect his website.

  • Encryption of Data

A public key is generated to encrypt the information on an SSL Certificate protected website. This makes the transfer of the data secure. Then, a private key is being used to decrypt that information. This makes the data readable only by the receiving party. Also, it ensures that the data came from an authentic website or user only because the data is encrypted and protected from interception.

Because of this, ecommerce websites are using SSL Certificates to protect their websites from hackers who want to ‘sniff’ or grab the information that is being provided by their customers.

  • More Information About SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates protect only one domain name per certificate. Because of this, hackers won’t be able to use the authentic website owner’s certificate on a duplicate or phishing website. This enables web browsers to determine which websites are authentic and which ones are just duplicates.

Now that you know the answer to the question – what does a HTTPS in the browser bar mean? – you can now start protecting your website and start transacting only with websites that are protected with SSL Certificates. This will ensure your safety and the safety of your visitors.

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